Correction of deviations in the prenatal period

  • Author: Maxym Kolesnichenko, Ph.D.
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 10 months

The task of the course is to correct psychic and energy deviations of the personality which formed during the prenatal stage of development. The work goes on through meditative state where the participants can consciously correct various deviations of the foetus development from the norm and also work through the «deficiency zones».

  • Video time: 30 hours
  • Zoom meetings: 40 hours

What's included?

  • 10 Steps 
  • 1 Certification
  • Zoom meetings: 80 hours
  • Video off-line: 60 hours
  • 10 Text books
  • Video reviews and questions

Improve your mental and physical health

The course will give you a chance to find out a lot of important, useful and interesting information about your body and your psychic abilities, and will help you master the instruments of self-control, a stable immunity against external challenges and difficult life events.

Change your life for the better

You will also master new skills to help you formulate your aim clearly, to choose and implement the most successful strategy of its achievement, to reject the redundant and the unnecessary, to be aware of the deep sense of each life step. 
Ти також сформуєш нові навички, які допоможуть тобі чітко формулювати мету, обирати та втілювати найбільш вдалу стратегію її досягнення, відхиляти зайве та непотрібне, усвідомлювати глибинний сенс кожного життєвого кроку.
Meet the author

Maxym Kolesnichenko

My greetings to all Ukrainians and those who support Ukraine in its fight for freedom!

I am a practicing individual family and group therapist, the Chairperson of the Institute of fractal therapy. I specialize in systemic family therapy and fractal therapy.
I am the author of the course «Transgenerational family therapy», and using its unique methodology I help my clients solve life challenges and get out of difficult situations.
My working experience is more than 22 years. Currently, not considering individual consultations, the number of participants of my therapeutic groups is over 2350 people.

Ukraine is in our hearts!🇺🇦

Geschtalt therapist
Fractal therapist.
Member of the International Family Therapy Association
Member of Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists (
Chairperson of the Institute of Fractal Therapy
Co-founder of Ukrainian Association of Systemic Family Therapy (

Author of the Course «Transgenerational family therapy» (implemented at the basis of the Institute of Fractal therapy since 2009)
Zhong Yuan Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan Instructor
Patrick Jones - Course author